The bloody internet is a cold and cruel place, man, cold and cruel.  Can you believe someone somewhere stole my tunes?  All of them.  Swiped the whole damn folder and everything.  Hell, they stole the bloody account too, and now I have no cloud storage to stream from.  I mean really, how low can a bugger go?  How low, dammit?  Do I sound slightly hysterical?  That's because I am.  It's like someone snuck in and stole my babies, all dingo like.  Bloody useless mother...  Nkt!  Cold and cruel this internet...

On a brighter note, I now have a YouTube thingimajigi.  Woohoo!  My people, the tunes are now audiovisual, because it's 2014 and we are advanced and shit. Ahem. There's a handy little gadget in the right hand column (in the web layout), helpfully titled THE SOUNDTRACK, soon to have the entire playlist (I'm working backwards, might take a while).  I have to warn you, some songs have no videos, because they're old (yaani pre-MTV), but better a song with no video than no song at all, no?  Thought so.   Slight detour.  Please, please, please listen to MJ's acapella version of 'Wanna Be Starting Something', it is most brilliant.  Stop frowning and just listen to the bloody song, you useless buggers.   See how I did that?  Beg, then demand, just like our Gavana.  Insert own nkt! Detour over.  Enjoy the tunes, and the videos.  Yes, I do realise that I should have done this from the get go, but in my defence, I'm a bit slow, technologically.

Speaking of slow, I'm finally tweeting, 6 tweets and counting.  I know, muchos impressive, no?   Nod.  Good.  The way I figure, rather than struggle to figure out how to share my random reading lists on the blog(s), si I just tweet the links?  I know, absolute genius.  Or not, I have 5 followers, one of whom has been following for about 2 years (during which time I didn’t tweet so much as a LMFwhateveritscalled, the second is Woolie (a.k.a. inciter number one, he that's teaching me how to tweet...kinda...not really...), the third is a random mzungu, and the last two are one company of unknown origin.  Clearly, I shall be a raging success, no?  Probably not, but when has that ever stopped me?  If you like the random links I post in the research section, and over at Dunia, find me na huko, @alex_kainikii.

Na kwa hayo machache, I shall now attempt to put up a real post.