Maumivu yakizidi...

Friday 19:05
I am as sick as the proverbial dog!  My nose is running like its last name is Keino, my voice has been reduced to a throaty growl that would be quite sexy if not for the occasional bouts of coughing up phlegm, my body has taken to shivering uncontrollably and at the most inopportune moment, like when I’m trying to steady my hand long enough to finish the sentence at the bottom of the page. 

That’s the only highlight of this homa of mine, I get to spend all day in bed with what has turned out to be a really good book, sipping on juice infused with whiskey (or perhaps whiskey infused with juice?) and nibbling on ham sandwiches (the only thing I can ‘cook’ in this state). 

I’m sick! 

Saturday 16:23
The shakes are gone and I no longer need to wrap myself up in a duvet at all times.  I don’t really have anything to tell you, but I figure if I sit here long enough something will come out.  I have to warn you that I’ve been self medicating with generic cough syrup from India, so I may be a little incoherent, or perhaps the very big, and very talkative, white cat sitting next to me may decide to take over the reins.

I think I should go back to bed.

Saturday 22:47
Or is it Sunday, my head is so fuzzy…  I should have read the contra-indications on that shit, I don’t think I’m supposed to feel like this.

I should get a cat…

Sunday 6:15
And she’s back. 

No seriously, my head is clear, as is my chest/nose/throat, my voice is almost back to normal, I’m good, except for the disturbingly vivid dream inspired by the strange book I’ve been reading lingering in the back of my mind (there was a man with no face who liked to burn things and called himself the devil, very creepy, kinda left a lasting impression…hmmm…I wonder if that’s where the thoughts of the cat came from?). 

You know what? I’m starving.  I’m off in search of pancakes, and something to get this horrible taste out of my mouth, tastes like I spent the night licking a door knob, she says, looking suspiciously at the door knob.  Did I?  Surely not… 

I think I’m done taking non-brand name syrups, I don’t care how (suspiciously) fast acting they are.  Maumivu yakizidi, msimuone pharmacist.

Monday 14:03
So it turns out I was not feeling better when I put the post up, I was back in bed about 1 hour later, and I didnt get up again till about 19:00, which is probably a good thing in light of the next bit.  On a possibly related note, I may have still been high on my bandia Cofta (thats the only way I can explain the fact that I have little to no recollection of uploading this shit). 

And the door knob taste is gone, just for the record.

And I can now post from my phone (woohoo!), although not too well apparently.  Apologies if youre on the feed, hope Ive cleaned up the mess.  Note to self: add 'dont blog' to list of things not to do when drunk/otherwise intoxicated.