Introducing...Mahe Goat.

It's not every day I get to say I know someone who writes erotica.  It's definitely not every day that I get to put up (what I consider) pretty damn good erotica on my pages.  And it's definitely not every day you get a free download of said erotica.  My people, Bwana Mahe Goat, he of the 'roasted ripe banana' fame [see ON THE DOWN LOW], is finally back in circulation and he has a lot to say, most of it quite pornographic.  See, the man has decided to become a (self) published author of fine works of titillation.  Yes, really.  Don't frown, for a man who can be quite the goat, he writes some very tender, yet downright kinky, porn.  You don't believe me, do you?  Come right this way, wacha nikuonyeshe...

Quick disclaimer.  This is erotica and therefore it will be, by necessity, explicit.  This isn't one of my langa warnings about the sewer, this is really explicit.  Body parts and fluids are described in most vivid detail, there's twitching and impaling, hell, the only thing missing (in this excerpt) is cunnilingus.  All I'm saying is, it's porn, for real, but without the crude language, hence the erotic tag.  Hang on, is porn still illegal?  Hmmm...  I shall put in that 'read more' thingi to conceal the deviantness of this most excellent post, because those censor geniuses don’t know these things (I wish I was kidding).  All the genteel types gone?  Excellent.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride that I present Bwana Mahe, erotica writer.  

An Excerpt. 

As she worked on the image, Michael stirred but moved only slightly. As she filled in each detail, the image began to progressively resemble the man sleeping silently before her. No detail escaped her observant eye, and her skilled hand executed those details in no fewer splendours.

She felt that she had finished her work, and noticed that an hour had passed. Susan rose from the chair and moved to his bed and laid her sketchpad next to Michael's nude form, coincidentally laying it in the same orientation as Michael. Gently, she sat next to him on his right and gazed into his sleeping face.

Slowly she placed her right hand on his penis, wrapping her fingers around the underside and lifted him. While his manhood was coming to life, Michael's body remained asleep. She was softly stroking him, and when he reached about two thirds his full natural size, she leaned over him. Susan extended her tongue and began to lick the glans of his semi-erect member. She swirled her tongue around its form, feeling him twitch as she passed the sensitive parts on its underside.

Just as she took him between her lips, taking his glans into her mouth, a soft sigh emerged from Michael. But he appeared to remain asleep. She took him completely into her mouth, sucking gently as she slowly slid him out of her mouth, repeating this process several times, and Michael stirred but still appeared asleep, his exhale accompanied by a guttural sigh.

She licked his shaft, tending to every inch before moving onto the next. Her right hand was gently massaging his testicles, her finger tip pressing his anus. Returning her mouth to his full manhood, she could no longer take him completely inside. Again, she gently sucked as he softly slid from her mouth.

It was then she heard him sigh her name. Looking to his face, his sleep-filled eyes gazed lovingly back at her through half opened lids. Susan almost felt like the proverbial kid with their hand in the cookie jar, but instead of causing her to hesitate, this fuelled a lust she thought she would never experience again. Susan sensed that Michael was enjoying her moment of depravity.

Another sigh accompanied a small trace of a smile. Michael had a perfect view to watch his goddess devour him, after she completed several more repetitions; he watched her face as he ran the fingers of his left hand through her hair. It had always been his fantasy to be allowed to use a woman's mouth for his pleasure, but no one such as Susan had ever been present in his life.

His hips slowly began to undulate, his glans disappearing only to reappear as his hips fell. Susan watched his eyes as she enjoyed his oral thrusting; the contact with her lips was causing a tingling sensation to radiate throughout her being. After several small thrusts and no objections from his lover, Michael took this as her approval, and became more confident both in speed as well as depth. Their eyes locked in a gaze.

After about five minutes of engagement, he announced his impending cum with a string of heavy breaths and sighs, but Susan remained in place. Within seconds, Michael convulsed as his seed erupted, filling Susan's mouth.

Their eyes remained in contact, and Michael watched as Susan let his seed fall from her lips. This sight triggered another series of convulsions in Michael, followed by another ejaculation into her expectant mouth. Upon regaining his composure, he sat up from his supine position and pressed his lips against hers, his seed still in her mouth and on her lips.

Upon breaking their kiss, Michael noticed the drawing lying next to him. He was pleasantly shocked to see himself, his fully erect penis drawn in pencil, the glans covered with his seed, several drops deposited on his abdomen. Every detail, including the veins on his member, drawn with loving precision. His first response was to kiss her once more.

In their silence, he stood her up, lifting her summer dress just above her hips. With his hands on her hips, he lifted, and then laid her down on his bed. He looped his fingers into her panties, and slowly pulled them down over the smooth skin of her legs, while they both quietly gazed at each other.

He lay on top of her, pressing his nude form over her still covered torso. He pressed his lips to hers as his sword found her sheath. He slid deep inside as her legs pulled him even closer. She held his manhood deep within as they kissed, her hips swivelling in circles causing him to twirl inside her loins.

He rose up on his hands, their eyes ever in contact; he began to retract his sword, only to firmly thrust it back into her, holding himself deep inside her. Her eyes begged for him to continue until he had given her what she wanted, what she needed. His sure, firm thrusting into her sheath had caused her world to disappear, all except for the two of them.

Her left hand played with her breast while her other began to fiddle and fondle her engorged clit. She sighed as he continued his thrusting, her hips swivelling as before, helping to amplify the sensations he was giving her. She knew it was only a matter of time until she had what she wanted. His sword impaling her, giving her the divine pleasures that she craved.

As he increased the frequency of his thrusts, he could feel her contract around him. Her ankles had wrapped around his legs and were now aiding in his thrusts. It was not long before she burst out in the throes of her orgasm, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding Michael close. Michael quickly followed, depositing his seed deep in her womb.

His body laid on top of Susan, his head on her shoulder, her arms and legs still locking him in an embrace. Michael's receding manhood still held inside her.

"Can I assume you are happy to see me?” she broke their silence. The way she asked this made Michael laugh.

The full story is available for free download here, GOOGLE DRIVE, and here, FACEBOOK.  You can reach him at mahe.goat@yahoo.com.

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