Do you have a story you're dying to tell?  An undercover tale of activities you can only share if you're on the down low?  A tale of lust, of unrequited desire, of love gone wrong or love finally going right?  Do you want to break the monotony of this blog, and share a happy tale?  Do you really, really want to get something off your chest?

Are you tired of looking for love in all the wrong places?  Tired of spending long nights in dark bars talking to drunk strangers?  Tired of mingling with the wrong crowd?  Tired of endless chats online, with people who can't spell?  Are you tired of meeting people who just don't get it?

Well you've come to the right place.  Here at Kai Nikii?, we like a good story, so please, share yours.

1. Thou shalt not slander anyone, because I don't need to get sued.
2. Thou shalt not post images, because that shit makes the page heavy, and I hate slow loading pages.
3. Thou shalt endeavour to write in clear(-ish) English, or provide translations of any other language used, and that includes sheng, and Kenglish.
4. Thou shalt use a name, any name.  Anonymous is not an option here, unless, of course, you're actually called anonymous, in which case go right ahead (ID verification may be requested though).

I, (not) Alex, do not know any of the people here and therefore will not vouch for their sanity, or lack thereof.  For that reason, I, (not) Alex, shall stay well out of this, do not write me a harsh email to complain, I will not respond.