Mama needs a new pair of shoes...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new house.   A new, squeaky clean house with a title deed and ef'thing.  You should see the grin on my face right now...  Now I love Google products the way no sane person should love any interwebs thingis, and Blogger is by far the easiest way to blog ever invented for idiots like me, but dammit if I've not tired of having a blog that looks like such a blog.  I tried to redesign this page, but it is what it is, a basic page.  It's time to move on.
Seeing as how this is simply a quick hop across, I don't need to get all weepy, do I?  I do not.

Thank you, each and every one of you who's passed through over the past four years.  An extra special thank you to the deviants, and angels, who made the comments section here the absofuckinglutely best part of the blog.  For real, the comments section we created is hands down the most hilarious, opinionated, yet for the most part never abusive, hands down crassest comment section on any blog hereabouts.  I bow down down to your greatness, my lovelies.  My one regret with this move is that I can't take the comments with me, which is why this blog will stay up for as long as possible.  I can't bring myself to take it, us, down (I folded Dunia into this one, because three sites seems a bit excessive, no?  I mock myself...).

I have to thank Serikali and/or Google for never shutting my anti-establishment, borderline pornographic pages down (that's part of the reason for owning the domain, for just in case someone catches on to what really goes on here).  I must also thank the lovely people at DMCA for only flagging my liberal, and apparently very illegal, use of lyrics that one time.  Useless detour.  You cannot use more than 5 words from a song, not without permission (for a fee, usually) from the song's author.  You can, however, use the song title, because titles cannot be copyrighted. I looked for every conceivable loophole, fair use nini nini, nothing.  Folks, don't use lyrics, especially if you publish for money (and that includes advertising on your blog).  Fortunately for us, embedding videos and such is not illegal, so the show will go on, only now I'll have to hum the lyrics to you.  I know, it's exciting, yes?  Bloody internet.

A bit of housekeeping.  Email people, I could transfer your subscriptions to the new site, but that strikes me as a little creepy, no?  Sign up again na huko, tafadhali, apologies for the disruption.  Those of you not on the email list, sign up, it's easier to keep track of me that way (bonus, I email full posts, none of that teaser nonsense, and I will never ever email you directly. because I'm not a stalker like that, promise).

Thank you all.  See you on the other side.